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Burning Innocence...

Another day, another site launch. Another day of sleep deprivation. I really, really wish we didn't need to sleep. The only time I want to sleep is to pass time when I'm bored.

Just taking a break, now... I've clocked 14hrs today so far with a teeny nap. Still an assload to do and then I need to switch mindframes in a couple of hours.

I honestly can't get past the fact that it's only the 30th. Since my internal clock is so skrewed, I actually had the site done a day early. I swore it was the 31st today... can't complain, I guess?

Yesterday I was in complete limbo to realize it was Tuesday and not Wednesday. This almost shattered my reality... It wasn't one of those 'oh, really?' moments... it was a 'It absolutely can't be and my existence makes absolutely no sense right now.'


Um... I think the most exciting thing that has happened this week thus far is the decaptitated/de-limbed bird the kitties brought me. Awww...

My sister left a bunch of photographs lying out and I looked at them when I was re-heating my coffee. There is one where I am holding a boogie (glideR)... man I miss them! :( :( :~~~(

Why in the hell did I call them boogies?! ...Never thought about it before.

MUMMY brought me the drawing tools I was talking about a few days ago! <3 <3 ... Going to be doing a lot of artwork in the next month... hopefully two. :D It'll be nice to get back to something traditional... try something new on for size. Then probably try to incorporate it into digital... we'll see. There really is no program that can exactly replicate a pencil on paper, even with my intuos2 tablet straight from the skies of heaven.
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