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All around new ...

I can't sleep -- drinking Rooibos tea and watching Saved by the Bell... just finished watching the end of the Wedding Planner and all of 50 First Dates... Just.can't.sleep! So perhaps it might make me feel better to get a bit out of my system.

Another weekend that was over before it started. A bit of a stressor -- Friday I was stressed about sleeping, Saturday I was stressed about plans and Sunday I was stressed about the fact it was Sunday and it was time to start thinking about my week again.

Exciting, nonetheless... but all this new news has made me beyond anxious. I'm paralyzed with fear but I will hopefully soon get over it. I wouldn't have it any other way and I've got to be the luckiest person on the planet right now, but... still. I can't shake the nervousness and besides the fact that I slept too late in the afternoon on Sunday, I'm really tired and have been for hours... just... can't sleep!

Saturday was interesting in the fact that we had a family event of drinking downtown. Slightly surreal, a little bizarre but kinda cool nonetheless. Ian and I took off around 12ish and brought out my sister and her boyfriend to Velvet and Savage... ha! It was fun... though incredibly short. We musn't have gotten there until 12:30 or something rediculous like that. I'm glad we went, though... but my sister and I kept my parents waiting and waiting... I think it's okay, though. I'm sure it's fine. I have yet to talk to my sister and find out how the way home was.

I desperately want to see the end of Spiderman 2... I may have to get my sister to bring it home from blockbuster, or I could (should) wait for next weekend and watch the rest on Ian's PSP... just because I can. That little machine is an overwhelming abundance of awesome in a disgustingly tiny little package. Thankfully he was sleeping last night when I was using it so I could spare him the vision of me making out with a little flat black box.


Still not tired. BlAR.
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