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Ms. A; you beautiful, bi-polar bitch.

Goodbye summer. :( Goodbye 24/7 skirts...

Though I must say, it was a fantasticly wonderful summer. Hot to the nth degree, lots of Queen St. shopping, clubbing and sit-down meals... Old friends, new friends, friends hookin' up... Cottages, degrassi... SUMMER CLOTHES. :D Couldn't have been any better.

It's quite nippy this morning and I'm already getting that feeling that I get every year in Autumn. It's overwhelmingly strange ... the best way I could describe it is 'falling in love with the wrong person'. It feels lovely but slightly painful at the same time. This has been ongoing for the past 10 years (perhaps earlier, but that is as far as I can remember)... I'm still trying to pinpoint where it comes from. Perhaps I analyze it too much... but I also wonder because every autumn, the same memories drudge up. I ignore them and think of better ones. Thankfully, last autumn had many and is making it pretty easy.

HALLOWE'EN!!! The tiny, wonderful treasure that softens the painful blow of around-the-corner Christmas. Is September over, yet? Summer is gone, so WHY are you still HERE?!
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