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Retarded thought for the day...

I'm sitting here having a quick lunch, and this Madonna video comes on. I'm watching it and just thinking about how absolutely unoriginal she has become in her age. Half her charm, IMO, was her never-ending reinventions. It kept her interesting. Perhaps she is just getting old... settled, who knows. Regardless, I don't have to find her entertaining any more.

But anyway, I was reminded of an interview I watched with her not very long ago. She stated that one of her favourite things to do is just have fun, dance... and the importance of it and the music. She also made a quick quip of how she doesn't know how anyone dances to anything OTHER than dance... but whatever.

But I'm watching her dance in her video and she's just so... bland. Robotic, boring... disengaging. I then wonder if she's just "getting old"... but am soon to recall that Kylie Minogue is probably about the same age and still has some amazing appeal.

Low and behold, the next video was Kylie Minogue. That "la la la" song... don't know what it's called, don't pay much attention. But I just can't turn away from watching it... I find her absolutely captivating... she ooooo-oozes with personality. Oh Madonna, what happened to you!

Not that I even LISTEN to or pay much attention to this kinda stuff, but... just popped in my head is all.

I also saw that Bif Naked did a cover of "Nothing Else MAtters" by Metallica? Hahaha... "cute". She does an alright job (again, not that I really cared for the song in the first place) and even gives it a nice, soft, pretty-feminine edge to it... but that twist on the song doesn't seem to carry out for the chorus and ends up sounding completely lacking... kills it completely. Bland bland blaaaand.

IMO, is all. :)
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