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Procrastinunction, what's your function...

Ok I know some parts are still skrewy but I no longer have to look at pink. Perhaps I should get to doing some actual work.... nrrrrr. Haven't written in a while so might as well throw up a real entry.

So, my mom reminds me to check my guestbook once in a while because there are so many cool people who like to write in it:

Name: Fankach
Homepage URL:
Where did you find this page?: DeviantArt
Comments: Well you did an effort, but it's not enough...
Maybe you should forget about Death a little bit and try to explore the wonderful fact to reflect on in LIFE...
Good Luck...
May peace and Mercy of ALLAH go Upon you
Sunday, January 8th 2006 - 02:49:30 PM

Well, shit. :( I better go and remove all the DEATH on my website.... give me 2 seconds here... OK ALL GONE. Phew... that was quick! Thank Allah there wasn't any there to begin with or that might have actually taken some effort!

I love people. :) They are so freakin' weird...

In other (exciting) news, the cats have gotten into my yarn again and there is a nice million-foot trail leading through all 3 floors of the house. I'd spank 'em but they kinda like that. >_<

I hate decisions. Usually I get faced with some bigger ones sporadically, but this week has been insane. I've got like 4 or 5 windows of opportunity and it's freezing me up. It seems like the rewards of doing better work are just harder places... gah. ;) OH HOW PITIFUL, I know! I'll quit my whinin'.

I want to play DDR! :( :( :( I think I'm ok now. :( It's a win-win situation... If I further skrew up my leg then I CAN'T SKI THIS WEEKEND. Ono! ;) I can sit on my butt, have some super-hot hot chocolate and eat melty pieces of orange-chocolate that have been dipped inside, picking up bits of whipped cream with red sparkle dotties that they put in the Starbucks fancy-pants coffees.

Maybe I'll go do that now. THEN get to work.

I should be 180 pounds. Thank you, genes.
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