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Mmm... stinks so good!

Tide laundry detergent with Downy smells just like candy. I highly reccommend it.

I also despise Rogers. Not only have they given me 293847 debilitating problems, NOW they've taken away my usenet...

WHYYYYYY!! RAPTURE!!!! Even though apparently only 3% of people on Rogers were using Usenet to begin with, one has to pay for their good-for-nothing service and another 15 some odd dollars for secondary provider usenet service as well? Give me a break...

I ordered 3 pieces of clothing online last week. I think I ordered ALL of them a size too big... I just wanted to build stamina, not lose weight. Grr...

But candy smelling detergent makes me happy. :) :) :)

And Britney Spears' perfume smells like the carnival. I couldn't imagine ever wearing it but I feel so very inclined to spray it on a sample-stick and walk around with it up to my face every time I walk into a Shoppers Drug Mart.
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not exactly on topic, but wasn't that EBM night a BLAST!?! :)
Freakin' kicked ass!! :) I so, so so so hope they start having it regularly... there's nothing super-special that they normally do for the second week of month anyway, right? ;) Though I think they should throw in Rotersand as one of the bands sometime -- they just have SO many good songs to throw into the mix and would work really well with the initial 5 they've been doing. Plus, I'd love to hear a wider variety of them out... as much as I love 'Exterminate Annihilate Destroy', they've got so many other great pieces! PLAY THEM!!! ;)
my thoughts exactly! I want to hear "almost wasted", preferably circa midnight, i'm big on irony!

we need to pester Llyod, sign a petition or something! :)

hey will you be out this weekend?
Haha... I hear ya, that would've been awesome especially saturday. ;) A few friends were just pourin' crap down my throat most of the night... come last call I was giving away a rev and a half that was bought for me that I just can't handle. ;) No time to drink -- daaaance!

I keep telling him how much I love them!! And I will continue to do so. ;) Second turnout was amazing.. and honestly, I think it's really good for the scene right now. I've gotten a few people interested in the music just based off the first one alone, and it's -different-, yaknow? I hear the same exact freaking playlist every flippin' week at Savage... and I love it there and all, but a -little- mixup would be nice. I think it's kinda sad that last weekend was the first one out that I heard a DJ play any Seabound... or am I just hitting the wrong nights?

Yep, I should be around. :) I'm supposed to do Savage this weekend. You hittin' the Fet or are you going to be around there? Next month's Fet should be good -- Rubber Ball, baby! I still have a 300$ PVC coat sitting in my closet that I haven't had a chance to wear, yet. :(
Hahaha, I think he actually hurt the bar sales by playing so much good music!
I know what you mean about the scene, I think everyone is craving change, even if it's re-newed old stuff. I'm so sick of hearing people 'dis VNV, I mean if they are so bad how come they still fill the dancefloor with so many happy sweaty people! :)

I'm definitely doing FM saturday, and probably Neutral/Savage tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow though, I'll be a buzy-sewing-bee all day so I can be esp.dolled up!
And next month FM will be good too, actually it'll be a milestone bday for me that night, can't ask for better calandar timing.
I can't wait to see your pvc coat. What are the 3 things you ordered this week?
No kidding, eh? ;) But there were far more people so it couldn't be too bad. He spins FM's, right? Bother him, bother him! ;) Bring me good news!!

Well, you know how it goes, right? Once something becomes 'mainstream' (even for this type of music?!) it's just not cool any more. I really, really don't understand that... When things become more mainstream, it's usually for a reason -- because it's GOOD (well, generally speaking). That's not to say that there aren't other hidden gems out there, there always is... but people like to put things down when they get up there. I suppose it's how we're built -- very, very stupidly. ;) I *love* VNV. They make good shit! Among a zillion other bands that I can't for the life of me understand are NOT getting any play...

You sew?! Jeezus awesome! Whatcha makin'?! You going in theme with Rocky Horror?

Really? Sweet deal!! :) Mine falls fairly well this year -- on a Saturday, except it'll be a Panic night. Fortunately, the back room theme is EBM/Industrial that night as well... not too shabby! I can actually get people out to Panic nights, not so much other darker stuff. ;) So works all around.

I ordered a black PVC bra (closet staple that I've been looking for for a while, but I'm picky as hell with bras so had to find the perfect one), a 'transformer top' to wear overtop and the camisole from the new Queen of Hearts line ... that line kicks ass, but I wanna see how it fits before I order any more from it. I swear with all the shit I order, I wear only half of it... I buy more than I have nights to go out. ;) Horribly, horribly addicted...
My closet's full too, yet [sad metrosexual confession] I still sometimes have nothing to wear, but we're lucky to have so many club nights in toronto; If I win the lottery, or lose my job (one in the same), I taking up clubbing full time! Lately when people ask "so what are you up to these days" I respond "work, clubbing"; my little 'sis is embarrassed
tomorrow I'm crafting a psy-patterned-glo-boot band, with a matching arm bracer, I'm in a total glo-uv phase right now, passe' or not, oh, and I tell Dan *not* to spare the strobe light either! I'm such a geek!
1/2 hour left, hey, hope to run into this weekend! :)
Hahaha... metrosexual = awesome! I keep telling people this!!! ;)

Yeah, we have a pretty decent scene, here.. and apparently there are only 15 good cities in the WORLD for this type of thing so we definately lucked out. Though I'd love to go check out New York City sometime. I wanted to hit it for the Assemblage concert but it just got way too pricey for a weekend trip. I'm horrible at planning that kinda thing...

Ha! Full time clubbing would kick ass. ;) It's funny, though... most people I know (30ish) say they are 'too old' for it, which is an easy excuse to throw at *me* since I'm generally a good 5 years younger. But these same people were saying that 5 years ago as well... almost makes me never want to settle down. :O

No way -- that UV/glow/techy stuff is awesome! I actually really like a little bit of everything. One night go lolita, another industrial, another fetish-y, just everything. So long as it's fun, enjoy what you're into at any given moment. That's the whole idea, isn't it? Skrew labels, skrew phases, just DO! ;) Another reason Fet's can be so fun... where else can you deck out in a full white feathered angel gear and not get looked at twice?

I imagine you're off now so have a good weekend!! I hope to see your creation!
I tried to email, you but it didn't work!
You should come to latin dance class with me at Y on Friday, it's free so it won't make your bank account feel dirty :)
i love your art work.
Au revoir,
luv Lee