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Ughhh... I am just itching to draw/paint. I have a brilliant concept in my head (among others), but something I am SO in the mood for and need to get out. Too much work to do. :( Only 2 days left to cram in another weeks worth of stuff... moan bitch moan! <3 ...More of a reminder.

My bank account is feeling a little used and withdrawn, lately. Poor thing! I'll feed you later! *hug*

I loathe wearing glasses. My eyes are angry. >_<

Drivers liscence renewal! Finally... I can get rid of that horrid, horrid picture which was taken on literally no sleep (up 30+ hours) and after a church breakfast. Man, was that fun... really! Best apple fritters I've ever had in my life, and my sister and I had to painfully stifle a laughing fit at the poor young girls singing 'Amazing Grace' horrifyingly off key (each in a different key, no doubt!) Ahhh, fun.
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