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monday monDAY MONDAY!

Rediculous -- it's Monday and my initial reaction is to freak out and be completely anxious.

Truth of the matter is, it's Monday. There's a lot of tasks lined up but rationally, I can do it all. Ree-lax!

PROJECT RUNWAY is on tonight and I love this show. It's taken a place up with Model. XD

If I can accomplish everything I want to accomplish today then I'm ahead of the game.

I'm really just trying to convince myself here, I think. :/ I'm actually so relieved to have gotten some stuff out of the way on the weekend... just makes for a less stressful week. I still got to play and de-stress so it's good. Unfortunately I don't think I've made everyone happy lately ... I've been stressing so mucho n these paintings that I'm not up to par with the website(s) ... it's like I'm just trying to 'get through' with them and it's appearing to be half-assed, maybe? I don't think she's too happy... frankly I don't really blame her. I feel awful...

But I'm getting great reviews on the rest of the work, so it's tough! Elated on one end but completely on the polar opposite end of the scale on the other... retarded. :P

Am I neglecting the world...?

Honestly, I really hope I can look back at all this one day and go -- you were such a freaking basketcase... thank god THAT'S over!

We'll see. :)
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