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You know you're addicted when...

I dreamt last night that I got negative feedback from Trent Reznor on eBay. I apparently bought a video from him that had to be tranferred via the internet, and he decided to send it on the weekend, in which I wasn't even around. He said that I was unresponsive and the send time was atrocious -- like a 14.4 baud modem. I first started with a neutral right back at him, and he bombarded me with negatives. I don't even remember BUYING the damned thing! Why Trent? I have no freaking idea...

I also bought a package from some couple somewhere, but the payment was an exchange of a see-through plastic skirt that had to be delivered to them within 7 days! I'm freaking out because I don't HAVE this item to send, nor do I even remember buying in the first place. But that's irrellevant because it's a dream and you go -- well, I must have done it! These things don't arrive for no reason!

...I really need to have someone block eBay from my computer. NO!@ Please don't!!!!
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