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Mmm... stinks so good!

Tide laundry detergent with Downy smells just like candy. I highly reccommend it.

I also despise Rogers. Not only have they given me 293847 debilitating problems, NOW they've taken away my usenet...

WHYYYYYY!! RAPTURE!!!! Even though apparently only 3% of people on Rogers were using Usenet to begin with, one has to pay for their good-for-nothing service and another 15 some odd dollars for secondary provider usenet service as well? Give me a break...

I ordered 3 pieces of clothing online last week. I think I ordered ALL of them a size too big... I just wanted to build stamina, not lose weight. Grr...

But candy smelling detergent makes me happy. :) :) :)

And Britney Spears' perfume smells like the carnival. I couldn't imagine ever wearing it but I feel so very inclined to spray it on a sample-stick and walk around with it up to my face every time I walk into a Shoppers Drug Mart.
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