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Documentation of Joy

These are fifty six times cooler than Kinder Eggs... I bring, Kinder JOY!

First I split the plastic egg in two pieces and lay them on the table:

Here they are flipped:

The ensemble (aka: the mess I'm making):

Eating the wonderful inside... man alive it was delicious:

And to top it all off, I got a freaking PIRATE SHIP! Does life get any better?

Yes, in fact I do have too much time on my hands today, thank you.

...Tell me that isn't the coolest thing EVER! I picked a bunch of these puppies up in Germany, but if you can get them around here somewhere that I don't know about, I MUST KNOW! Otherwise, I'll have to go back just to pick up more... :( And maybe swing by another Treffen... we'll see.

Yes, I will actually write about my trip soon. :PPPP Just waiting on a few more pics.
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