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15 pleasant things I've learned about Winnipeg...

15. Do not have sex in Winnipeg... even if it's with someone you know and have brought here. There could be a disease waiting in a bed somewhere for you. SURPRISE!!!!

14. You can't get a bagel toasted at 2 o clock in the afternoon on a Saturday at a Tim Hortons. The sandwich bar is closed.

13. If you need a blood transfusion in Winnipeg, don't worry -- everyone has the same blood type... Type A-ALCOHOL.

12. There are lots of bugs, and they are all big and scary.

11. They are known for a lot of things that "suck" -- Mosquitos, Slurpees, Women...

10. Coincidentally, it is also known for major blowing! And not just the ladies -- it's the windiest city in Canada. Yet, we have not had much of that this week.

9. There's a hooters right by the airport! We weren't allowed to go for breakfast. :(

8. The sidewalks roll up at 4 o clock in the afternoon and the city is CLOSED.

7. The streets explain themselves -- one is called "Confusion Corner".

6. All the one way streets go in the same direction... hopefully the hell out of this city.

5. Unlike Toronto, where you can walk down the street in a Santa costume and not be looked at twice, wear some geisha and chinese gear around the city (for the anime festival) and the loud, "friendly manitoba" comments come a-rollin'...

4. Apparently the immigration rate is going up here just like Toronto. Hey, just ask all one of them!

3. If you plan on visiting here for longer than 24 hours, pick up a PSP, DS or other handheld gamestation -- YOU WILL THANK ME FOR THIS SUGGESTION.

2. We were warned several times by our aunt and her husband to stay away from a place called "The Zoo", so naturally, we went. It's about as scary as a petting zoo.

1. DJ (shouting): GO HOME AND HAVE SEX!
Kaitlin: With your brother!
Michelle (shouting): ONLY IN WINNIPEG!!!

I've been here 6 days, got 2 more to go. I'd happily take a bullet to the face right about now.

I can't wait to come back!!!
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